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Why are you looking for new Steps?

  1. Your existing steps have become unsafe!
  2. You have improved and /or changed the existing exterior appearance of your home and/or business, want to enhance the entrance with a different Size, Color, and/or Configuration of Steps.
  3. You want to enhance the curb appeal to your home or business, for yourself, your guest or customers and for prospective clients or buyers.

Take a look at the Before and After Pictures to give you an idea of what can be done and what a dramatic difference it makes to the appearance of your home or business.

Why choose Precast Concrete Steps over other materials?

  1. Wood steps (pressure treated or not) may cost less, but require constant maintenance, have a slippery walking surface no matter what the weather conditions and have a short life span.
  2. Cast in place concrete and/or masonry constructed units, although structurally sound and attractive, will require extensive foundation work below grade, frost line (36” to 48” deep). Cost will vary up to 300% more than the cost of precast concrete steps.
  3. Most installations are completed in one day.


  before new steps
After new steps

Universal Concrete’s Precast Concrete Steps are solid, but hollow units, and are constructed of 5000 psi concrete with both primary rebar reinforcement and secondary fiber mesh reinforcement throughout the entire unit. 

Our steps weigh less than poured in place concrete or masonry constructed units and do not require a costly foundation.

Steps are installed on solid concrete block on undisturbed soil, pitched slightly forward away from house for proper drainage. 

Settlement or shifting of steps very rarely occurs, but if this does occur our steps can be easily reset.


SIZE: Chose from standard stock sizes or we can make Special Sizes and Configurations of steps and platform units to meet your needs. See pictures of various sizes from standard to special orders.



Standard: Step Risers - 7-1/2” high Total risers on Stock Units are 6 risers for a total height of 45”. Any height can be obtained by stacking units See Multi Unit Steps.

A non-slip broom finish is applied to all treads. Note: when you add a stone or brick finish to the riser face, this will shorten your tread depth by ½”- ¾”.

Platforms - stock unit length is 42” in depth. Special sizes are available up to 96" in 1" increments to meet your needs. All platform units receive a non-slip broom finish. Step Width - stock steps come in widths of 3ft., 4ft., 5ft., 6ft. & 7ft. Available up to 20ft. wide in 1" increments (all one unit - No Joints).

Finishes: You can choose from a standard [STUCCO] finish; [STONE VENEER] or BRICK VENEER finish.


We can apply your Stone or Brick to match your existing finished surface. [STONE SURFACES:] We can install BLUESTONE, INDIANA LIMESTONE OR FLAG STONE TOPS for that elegant, custom look. See the Stone Tops page for examples.